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A Virtual Day at Camp!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

We would like to invite you to a special, one-day event where we recreate (as best we can) the experience at Mainewoods. Dancing, music, Ethnic Theme Day, culture corner, singing, eating (you supply the food) and socializing. No cost for the day but if you are inspired, donations to the featured guests will be appreciated.


Performer biographies here!

***Links to available workshop materials will be emailed to registrants a few weeks after the event.***

(Sonia & Cristian's workshop materials will be distributed through their website.)

Singing Class
Music sheets for Debby Szajnberg's music class are available here.

Our Progressive Virtual Dinner
Each day at Mainewoods has a theme, and our Virtual Day will be Romanian Day! If you'd like to try out some Romanian recipes, here are some ideas. One of the pleasures of Mainewoods is mealtime, where the food is fabulous and the conversation lively! Though we can't supply the food virtually, we invite you to bring your own (doesn't need to be Romanian!) and come catch up with old friends and/or make new ones. We'll create new breakout rooms for each course, so you can choose whether to come for Mocktails and Cocktails, Main Course, Dessert, or all three. We suggest you prepare most of your meal before 6pm, then towards the end of each course, feel free to excuse yourself to get ready for the next. If you've never experienced a Zoom dinner with friends, this is a great time to start!

The First Mainewoods Snowshoe Challenge!
It is getting cold in the Maine woods, and we think it would be fun to combine a Maine Woods activity—snowshoeing—with a Mainewoods activity—folk dancing!  Once the snow starts wherever you are, video yourself and others (appropriately masked and socially distant) performing any folk dance and send in using the link below.  Extra points for including grapevines.

No snow . . . no problem!  Video yourself and others (appropriately masked and socially distant) doing any folk dance in any challenging warm weather footwear—snorkeling gear and fishing waders come immediately to mind.

Copy your videos into this folder.
Winning videos will be shown during the winter Mainewoods event.
Let's generate some heat with our feet!

Dance Requests!
Send us your dance requests for the evening Dance Party and/or Late Night Dancing. Email two or three favorite dances to

Get in the mood for a Virtual Day at Mainewoods by attending the Door County, Mardi Gras Edition on Friday evening, Feb. 12.  There will be live music, including: Ivor Orchestra of Milwaukee, Tom Pixton, Clara Byom, Don Weeda, Shirley Johnson, Orkestar Black Wine and Bill Cope. It will run from 7:30 CST to 1:00 am CST.