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Camp Fees & Discounts for 2024

Registration opens January 15th

Registration Fees:
The registration fee includes classes, lodging, all meals and snacks. It does not include taxes.

 Weekly Session for Adults
 Two per cabin - $900
 Three per cabin - $725
 Offsite - $595 (offsite details here)
 Deposit - $300
(Exceptions: Kitchen Crew applicants - $100 registration fee per week, refunded only if applicant is not selected for Kitchen Crew.
Scholarship applicants - no deposit.)

 Note- Children under 18 must be  supervised by an adult at all times.
 (0 - 3 years) - free
 (4 - 11 years) - 25% of Adult Registration Fee
 (12 - 17 years) - 50% of Adult Registration Fee
Maine state tax will be added where applicable.

Discounts and Incentives to make Mainewoods an even better deal!
(Discounts #1 and #2 cannot be combined)

Discount #1:
New Camper to Mainewoods
Discount #2:
Young Adult Discount
We will offer an incentive for a first-time paying camper.

  New campers get a $150 discount
(prorated for those paying children's rates.)
We will offer an incentive to any paying Mainewoods camper 18-24 years old to attend camp with a $200 discount!
Discount #3:
Bring a New Camper to Mainewoods
Discount #4:
Multiple Session Discount
We will offer an incentive for a Mainewoods camper to bring (sponsor) a first-time camper. Sponsors must have attended Mainewoods themselves in the past.

  Sponsor gets a $100 discount.
  If you sponsor more than one person you may claim multiple $100 discounts.
For a paying camper attending both sessions, we will offer a $100 discount (prorated for those paying children's rates) for the second session that camper attends.

FYI: The National Folk Organization has "Discovery Grants" available to help cover travel expenses to dance camps. For more information, see their website

Accommodations Details:
(All accommodations are subject to availability.)

Four per cabin:
On your registration form, you have the option to request 4 per cabin if it is available. This would result in a $100 per person discount off the 3 per cabin price if all 4 attend the session .

We can assign your cabinmate(s):
We are happy to assign your cabinmates. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that nobody will snore in their sleep, but we can give you earplugs. To facilitate cabinmate assignments, cabins will be restricted to men only or women only.

You can arrange your own cabinmate(s):
We try to honor cabinmate requests. You may have more than 4 in a cabin if you pre-arrange your cabinmates. Pre-arranged cabinmates must match on each form. If you pre-arrange cabinmates and cancellations bring the number in your cabin down, the cabin rate for the number who actually attend will apply.

Off-Site Accommodations: For campers who prefer alternate or less rustic accommodations, Mainewoods has room for a limited number of campers who would like to arrange to stay off-site. Click here for more information.

For those not driving to camp: A convenient and inexpensive option for travel to camp is taking a bus to Conway, NH, (only 20 minutes from camp). Current schedules and fares are available at the Greyhound website. Concord Coach Lines also has bus service to Conway from Boston and Manchester.

Portland is over an hour drive each way, so we encourage non-driving campers to make Conway, NH their destination, rather than Portland if at all possible. Trips to Portland are quite time-consuming and take us away from the work that needs to be done at camp so we will only be able to make, at most, two trips a day. Those flying to Portland must schedule their flights to arrive by 3:00 PM on the day their session starts.

Mainewoods provides a pick-up/drop-off to camp from the Portland airport, Portland bus/rail station and Conway bus station. For any other arrangements, campers are welcome to use the Facebook page to connect with other campers. Suggested donation: Portland $30 each way, Conway $10 each way.

Another alternative is to fly into Manchester, NH, which often has very low airfares, and rent a car.

Start and End Times: The Registration Desk opens at 3:30 PM on Sunday, at which time the cabins are available for occupancy. Camp begins with a welcoming reception at 6:00 PM followed by dinner and dancing. Camp ends after Saturday breakfast. You may stay and enjoy the facilities, but you must vacate your cabin by mid-morning on Saturday.

Saturday Stays: For those campers who are staying for consecutive sessions, there is no charge for the Saturday “bridge” day, but no lunch or dinner will be served. Information about nearby lodging is available for those of you who would like to stay in Maine on a Saturday night before or after a camp session. Click here for local accommodations.

Laundry: The limited laundry facilities may only be used by campers staying for both sessions. Laundry may be done on the weekend between sessions once the camp's laundry is done.

Linens: Mainewoods can provide towels, sheets, pillows, and blankets (for a small fee) only for campers arriving by public transportation.

Pets: Regretfully pets are not allowed at camp, only service dogs.

To Register:

Simply go to the Registration page. You may register online and pay your deposit by credit card, or you may mail the registration form with your deposit to the address on the form. Registrants from foreign countries please pay in US dollars. Please make checks payable to Mainewoods Dance Camp, Inc.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy:

If you must cancel your reservation:
  • $25 fee for cancellation 30 days or more before your session.
  • $100 fee for cancellation less than 30 days before your session.

  • Mainewoods members get a $25 reduction of any cancellation fee.  
Cancellation during camp will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Copyright Notice:

Teaching syllabi and DVDs are provided as teaching tools for use only by those campers attending each camp session. These are copyrighted materials and should not be further reproduced or distributed without express written consent.