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Scholarship Information

Mainewoods Scholarship    Not just for first-time campers!

Full and partial dance scholarship(s) may be granted each session to a folk dancer who would like to attend Mainewoods. Travel expenses are not included. Qualifications are:

      (1)      Applicant has been folk dancing for at least 1 year
      (2)      Applicant demonstrates an interest in folk dance, folk music and/or folk culture
      (3)      Applicant provides a letter of reference from a folk dance leader
      Applicants should send a letter of application that includes a brief background, why they want to attend camp, and what use they will make of the experience.

Please submit a completed registration form indicating your session preferences, but no deposit money, and submit all documents to: 

Karen Havens
4399 Olympus Hts
Syracuse, NY 13215

Apply now!
Suitable recipients are accepted on a rolling basis.

Scholarship for Teachers   

Mainewoods Dance Camp invites teachers to learn about introducing dance into their classes.

Thanks to the generosity of one of our donors, we are currently offering a full scholarship (plus some travel expenses if you live more than 250 miles away) to Mainewoods Dance Camp this coming August.

Click here for more information

FYI: The National Folk Organization has "Discovery Grants" available to help cover travel expenses to dance camps. For more information, see their website